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Welcome to the new feature on this site which hopefully will make oil and blend selection much easier!

Perfumers work with a large number of fragrance or aroma categories – over 14 basic ones, usually, each subdivided into endless subcategories. However, for practical purposes and for clinical use, only a small number of major fragrance types are actually necessary to create a detailed, comprehensive palette of fragrance. Each fragrance divides into several subcategories, which represent variations on a central theme.

We can select an essential oil for two reasons. First, based on our individual preference for a certain kind of fragrance. Secondly, for the effects that a particular fragrance is able to create. While an essential oil fragrance when inhaled can exert different effects, these can be grouped into general effects on our energy, on our mental and emotional functions, and on various physiological functions.

At the same time, remember that the effects of essential oils do vary to some extent on how they are used, e.g. by mild or deep inhalation, in topical preparations such as a massage oil or liniment, and so on. The How To Use Essential Oils page can be very helpful for fine- tuning the method of application in line with the specific effect that is intended.