Absolutes & Precious Oils

Snow Lotus sources only the finest and purest absolutes and precious oils. Absolutes are aromatic plant extracts that are extracted by hexane with all of the hexane removed in the final process. This process is always used when normal steam distillation is unable to capture the plant's essential oil.

Absolutes therefore tend to be even more concentrated than steam-distilled essential oils, especially as they capture aromatic compounds other than essential oils that are unavailable to simple steam distillation. Absolutes also tend to smell much more like the original plant itself than essential oils. Rose absolute, for instance, has a rich fragrance very similar to the scent of a real rose flower, while Rose essential oil aquires a much sweeter, honey-like fragrance not found in the actual flower. Both types of rose extracts are very beautiful, enjoyable and healing in their own right!

Precious essential oils are highly prized and were used as perfumes and for sacred anointing purposes by virtually every known civilization since the dawn of human history. The modern technology of making absolute extracts has simply extended and enriched the palette of aromatics available today.

These precious extracts come in a 2 ml size as they are highly concentrated and often expensive. Many of these absolutes and precious oils, such as Rose, Jasmine, Jasmine sambac, Neroli, Helichrysum and Blue tansy, are also available in a 10% dilution in jojoba oil in a 10 ml size and are a great way to experience and utilize these magnificent oils without the need for diluting further.