Seminar Testimonials

Curious what our students think? Read some of the feedback we've received!

I so appreciate Peter’s love, passion and dedication to his profession ... this knowledge changes lives! Ever so grateful. I love these point prescription protocols.   – Ahna Goossen LAc

I appreciated the extensive research and clinical information that I learned at this seminar. I have been looking for a way to treat that addresses the emotional aspect of illness through the medium of acupuncture – and this is a gem of knowledge that can so simply be used.  
– Kristina Ryan LAc

The practicums and the whole interaction with the oils was inspiring. The AAT applications are very easy to integrate – I plan to implement the protocols ASAP – this week in clinic. 
  – Michelle Kuroda LAc

The balancing, potent and immediate shifts I felt during my practicum treatments made me realize what an important addition this will be to my practice. I appreciate Peter’s dedication to going with and developing this most elegant medicine path!  
– Kathleen Pouls LAc

I really appreciate the wealth of information prsented and the immediate accessability of the information – the hands-on work is always so useful!  
– Tara Starman LAc

This is great information and work! The experiential moments with the different essential oils were especially amazing – smelling the oils and also experiencing them firsthand in actual treatments. A powerful experience that solidifies the knowledge and clarifies the treatment effects. Thank you for all your dedication to this subject!  
– Adrianne Oswalt LAc

"I so appreciate the obvious work and care that went into creating this unique workshop. It is the most useful form of any workshops I have been to. I’m leaving here inspired and ready to use new knowledge."  –  Nancy Arnton RN, LAc

"Thank you for pioneering this work! I have seen deeper and quicker changes in my long-term clients using your oil protocols."   –  Susan Freundel LAc

"I really appreciated the specific focus on mental-emotional conditions from a clinical perspective, not just a theoretical one. Thank-you for your kind and validating style of leadership and your clear, insightful presentations."   – Kevin Sterling LAc

"I really liked the presentation of essential oils as a major therapeutic modaliy in the context of Chinese medicine. This seminar on Shen disorders adresses an area not easily accessed by the other tools in a Chinese medicine practitioner’s toolkit."   – Brenda Hood LAc

"My favorite aspect of this seminar was Peter’s clarity and depth of responses to questions – he is so knowledgeable and his skill at communicating has continued to increase – this is my third seminar."   – Janet Barrows LAc

"I appreciated the detail, depth, coherence and organization of the information. Aromatics are the food of the soul – this seminar was a transdimensional journey with scents and sense."  
– Jason Cronin LAc

"Receiving treatments during the breakout sessions alone was worth the price of admission. Peter is a wealth of applicable knowledge. Every seminar of his that I’ve attended has changed my practice and also given me practical tools for everyday life."  – Korianne Haas MD

"Thank you for the tremendous amount of information, the detailed seminar booklet and product resources. I appreciated the clinical usefulness of the oil-to-point protocols that you can use Monday morning in the clinic."   – Beth Farrar LAc

"Peter Holmes s a treasure! We are so fortunate that we have him to disseminate this valuable information – he is so generous with his knowledge. Big Gratitude!!"   – Maria Pepe LAc

"This seminar provided very in-depth and comprehensive information on treating Shen disorders – an important and useful topic that is almost always treated very shallowly."   – Robert Clickner LAc

"I am grateful to have had the opportunity to attend and hear the brilliant gathering of experiential knowledge that Peter has gathered from his life’s work. I felt at home with the subject and exploring the energetics of emotions and oils."   – Heaven Nunez LAc

"I really appreciated the teacher’s calm disposition, who was able to transmit the vast knowledge he has with great generosity."  –  Kristina Siapskara LAc

"I am grateful for the depth and breadth of your knowledge, and how you shared it. I particularly appreciated learning about the oils, the elements and specifics about the emotions."  –  Beth BullenLAc

"I appreciated Peter’s generosity with time and information, and the reverence fostered for the oils and practice. I felt I was entering sacred space to explore new material, and I appreciate the higher octave of each teaching that was always present."  –  Michelle Gilbert LAc

"Peter’s knowledge is vast; I truly appreciate how much time, research and energy he has put into this field. I especially enjoyed the spiritual and psycho-emotional descriptions of the constitutions."  –  Milissa Gillen

"I’m so grateful that this teaching is available. Peter’s extensive knowledge of essential oils, their source and production, and quality issues, are much appreciated."  –  Sally Adams LAc

"Peter is really a fantastic teacher and I get so much benefit from his seminars. Touching, smelling and using the oils to give and receive treatments allows me to deeply embody the information in a manner that gives me confidence to immediately utilize these protocols in my treatment room." –  Tracy Soltesz LAc

"I really appreciated the great essential oil and treatment information based on decades of experience and research. I also liked learning about the quality issues with essential oils."  – Darren Starwynn OMD

"This seminar was phenomenally well organized and executed. The information was presented clearly and succinctly. The timing of the presentations felt well thought-out. I appreciated the hands-on clinical breakouts as a great opportunity to integrate the knowledge presented."  – Alison Zaneski LAc

"I thoroughly enjoyed the practical protocols and approaches for clinical treatment. The explanations about the specific oils, their properties and functions all created a depth of treatment possibilities."  –  Bianca Di Giulio LAc

"Every aspect of this seminar was top notch. The instructors were clear, coherent and held the teaching space masterfully. Aroma Acupoint Therapy is a game changer and I’m very inspired for this work." – Rose Goodman LAc

"Thank you for sharing your lifework with us and compiling it into a neat user-friendly package that I was able to successfully incorporate into my treatments. Your passion and knowledge of energetic medicine is not only inspiring but completely appreciated as well." – Jennifer Hickman LAc

"Adding AAT to my practice has made my treatments more effective and long lasting. I now witness quicker and more significant changes with symptoms and patterns and I have seen improvement with cases that had hit a plateau in terms of progress. As a result, AAT has helped to increase my confidence as a practitioner and has helped many of my patients experience significant shifts in their long-term patterns." –  Emily Andrews LAc

"An exceptional seminar – glad to be able to participate. It was lovely to meet like-minded people who are vested in helping others and dedicating so much of their lives to do this." – Lisa Mikelonis LMT

"Aroma Acupoint is such a powerful and elegant system. Your love and enthusiasm for the oils made this a unique seminar experience."  – Mital Khatri LAc, TN

"Thank-you for creating AAT and for speaking to the hearts of each and every person here. Not only was the information practical, organized and well thought-out, the entire experience happened in a sacred space created with beautiful energy." – Share Siwek LAc

"I absolutely love your classes. It’s such a treat to feel that one’s teachers are passionate about what they are teaching. Thank you for your enthusiasm, commitment and love for the oils that you share with us. I wish the seminar had lasted for another two days!"  –  Anais Crouzoulon LAc

"Peter provided an exceptional seminar, one of the very best that I’ve experienced. It both enhanced my current understanding of TCM patterns and diagnosis, and expanded these horizons into an entirely new and invigorating perspective. Thank you both for blazing these trails!"   – Bruce Gustafson LAc

"This information is like ancient wisdom. I feel as though I’ve been given a key to access knowledge that the greatest mystics and healers are practicing. Thank you!"  – Enrica Gaspari LAc

"Thank you for this amazing class! I so appreciate the depth of study, the passion, the integrity and the immediate usefulness of the information and the overall experience. Please continue your important work in this world, knowing that you are respected and appreciated!"  – Jo Blaine LAc

"I have never been so enthusiastic about continuing education classes before I found Snow Lotus Seminars. The impact of this seminar is profound, for me as student as well as practitioner. Thank you." – Kathy Patten LMT

"Thank-you for sharing your passion. The instructors felt very caring and created a wonderful atmosphere to learn in. I felt engaged, learned so much and feel like I’m taking home great material to dive into deeper. I am so thrilled to be sharing this with my patients and everyone in my life. I feel nourished on so many levels after this weekend!"  – Jackie Marino LMT

"This was the best seminar I have ever attended. You reminded me why we all practice this medicine ... the magic, the science, the purpose, the connection to nature and spirit, and the power of plant medicine." – Elisa Angelone LAc

"This seminar was an amazing experience. The material, information, technique and instructors were all phenomenal. I have a smile on my face and warmth in my heart, as well as enthusiasm in sharing this technique with my clients. I am grateful."  – Irene Cats  

"I cannot thank you enough for the weekend. I hit the ground running that Monday morning and have used oils on all my patients ­– it's been awesome. I really am so thrilled with the oils!  They have deepened my practice and my own personal connection to the points and healing. The oils go where words cannot – I am so grateful!"  – Christine Nichols LAc

"I just wanted to first and foremost thank you again for the outstanding class last weekend. The work and medicine that you're sharing with us is really overwhelmingly profound. You are both pioneers blazing such an important trail." –  Dianne DelReyes LAc

I’m very impressed with Peter’s incredible knowledge, experience and depth of understanding – thank you for all the research and insights, and the easy-to-follow organization of the gynecology seminar notebook.  – Amielle Moyer LAc

"The clarity and organization of the Aroma Acupoint teaching is profound and humbling. The wealth of information that was shard and practiced in just two days is phenomenal, and I’m coming away with highly relevant clinical information that I can take into my practice right away. The teaching is beautifully distilled, clear and exciting! Most sincere thanks for a truly amazing workshop."  –  Ellen Ellis LAc

"The Aroma Acupoint seminar was definitely, hands down, one of the best I have ever been to. I thought the course was very well organized, but the most fabulous thing about it was how much of your experience and knowledge you both shared with us. You both empowered us to be able to use this knowledge immediately in practice (either with or without acupuncture) in a completely generous, unselfish way. Please know that there is so much gratitude toward you, the plants/oils and the energy that it takes to create these classes. I truly look forward to future seminars." - Trish Sommeling LAc

"I love the reminder of the power of approaching essential oils from a place of being connected to spirit. There is such a vast, sweet, connected powerful universe that opens when we approach the oils this way I feel." - Aiden Seraphim LAc

"I really enjoyed the seminar and probably got more out of this single seminar than any other in a long time. I was able to actually treat eight patients since yesterday with the protocols and diagnostic model provided, with great results."   – Helene Pulnik LAc

"The material presented in the Aroma Acupoint workshop is unique and revolutionary. We were able to experience the work first hand as we practiced and received specific protocols. The effects of placing the essential oils on specific points were immediately obvious and, paradoxically, subtle yet profound. I have not felt this level of integration, so quickly, in any other form of bodywork – whether energetic or needle-oriented. Thank you for sharing your pioneering work!" - A.G.

"So many patients in our practice are afraid of needles. Now we have the essential oils to use on the points and get the same if not superior results!"  – Stella Chan-Mulkern LAc 

"The wealth of information offered was extraordinary. Learning the many profound uses of essential oils new and old was incredibly mind expanding. I loved experiencing the oils in our practicals, both as practitioner and client." – Rebecca Whitaker

"I've been using essential oil acupoint therapy on most of my clients every day since the workshop and find it to work so quickly and so well that I am just amazed. There are just so many ways that this new modality is inspiring me." - Anne de Courtenay AHG

"I love the methodology that Peter has developed: it provides an easy-to-understand logic to the practical use of essential oils. As someone with no massage or acupuncture training, I was completely able to follow this course." -Anon

"In this workshop I received an incredible amount of information that is immediately applicable. The energy medicine content and the treatment results of this work are undeniable and amazing! Not to mention very accessible for someone with a less formal practitioner background."Jenna Conrad

"Not only does this therapy work well, but it has actually made me a happier (and hopefully better) practitioner. There is some kind of communication that happens between myself and the oils when I am using them in the treatment room that has enhanced my joy and curiosity as a clinician." - Anne de Courtenay AHG 

"I think Aroma Acupoint treatment is one of the most useful techniques I have learned. It is so simple to do, once the diagnosis is made, and it works so quickly. I am excited to incorporate this into my practice as an LMT." - Samantha Leidner LMT 

"Aroma Acupoint treatment is truly taking my practice to a whole new level! It is as exciting to me to implement as acupuncture was a really long time ago. I cannot tell you enough how much I appreciate your knowledge and expertise." - Stephanie Willard LAc

"All I can say about last weekend's workshop is "wow." Thank you for the time and energy you dedicate to making this work happen, I really appreciate it. This was one of the best workshop experiences I've had – thanks!" - Debora Welch LAc

"Thank you so much for your excellent workshop this weekend. I really appreciated the hands-on portion that allowed me to feel the effects of this innovative therapy very concretely. Peter's work with the oils is amazing and Tiffany really helped bring it to life for me with her case histories. She amazed me with her natural ease and ability to convey complex ideas." - Alexandra Sollek LAc

"Many thanks for such an amazing workshop last weekend. I learned an incredible amount in such a short amount of time. I so look forward to using the oils on my own and incorporating more of them in my classes. I also hope to attend more workshops of yours in the future." - Kate Smith

"Peter and Tiffany are wonderful instructors that really complement each other. Their professionalism, good communication style and ability to answer difficult questions made the workshop truly enjoyable. The hands-on practice throughout the seminar was really valuable for demonstrating the positive results of this treatment. I left feeling more confident using oils on specific points and am really excited about implementing the oils in my practice in a new way." - Norma Smith CA

"Tiffany and Peter have developed something extraordinary. At some point during the weekend I had a vision of people hundreds of years from now, citing your protocols and talking about your teachings the same way we now look at some of the ancient Chinese texts. No joke." Anonymous

"My favorite aspect of this seminar was the excitement with which this invaluable material was presented. Aroma Acupoint Therapy is at the forefront of a new frontier in energetic medicine." - Valerie Olney LMT

"The engaged enthusiasm of both instructors and the interactive program provided and amazing learning experience. The learning dynamic created potential for what acupuncturists and bodyworkers can achieve with Aroma Acupoint Therapy!" - Kathleen Barber LAc

"This is the most user friendly and educational CEU seminar I have taken in years." - Nicole Masters LAc

"I cannot express in words how much I enjoyed the seminar. You two have unique style that really brings the information to life and conveys it in an extremely accessible and engaging way. The seminar opened up an entirely new understanding of the energy of not only the acupuncture points that were utilized but also the depth at which we can access their functions when combining them with the energy of essential oils. I have been familiar with the clinical as well as the personal use of aromatherapy for over 25 years and yet I felt I learned so much more about our ‘green friends/helpers'." - Muin Daly