About Our Seminars

• California Acupuncture Board CEU provider 142
• NCCAOM PDA provider 214

Since 2002, Snow Lotus Seminars has been a provider of professional continuing education for health-care practitioners, including acupuncturists, medical herbalists, nurses, massage therapists and other practitioners in the area of complementary health care.

Directed by Peter Holmes LAc, MH, the seminars offered combine the fields of herbal medicine, essential oil medicine and acupuncture. They address current issues in contemporary health care using the methodology of integrating energetic medicine with contemporary functional medicine. Their focus is clinical practice based on a combination of treatment experience and research. The discussions of treatment usually center on essential oil and herbal remedies, acupuncture points and secondarily on nutrition.

Peter brings to his programs over 35 years of research, clinical practice and teaching experience. One of the earliest pioneers in the use of Western herbs and essential oils in Oriental Medicine, he has offered his ground-breaking seminars, Using Essential Oils in Chinese Medicine and The Energetics of Western Herbs since 1994.

In 2010, Peter Holmes and Tiffany Pollard together developed specific oil-to-point protocols for energetic rebalancing treatment without the use of acupuncture needles, which became known as Aroma Acupoint TherapyTM. Seminars on this exciting new treatment modality are regularly offered for acupuncturists, bodyworkers and other practitioners working hands-on. Please check back often as new workshops in different locations are added regularly.

"Thank you for your devotion and passion for energetic medicine, and for your tireless efforts to bring it forth!"
— Nanette Nishi LAc

"So much experience and research has been put into your seminars. Thank-you for your contribution to our field of Chinese Medicine, for helping maintain, grow and develop our profession."
— Kathy McGowan LAc

"I absolutely love your classes. I wish the seminar had lasted for another two days! You are great teachers with wonderful energy. It’s such a treat to feel that one’s teachers are passionate about what they are teaching. Thank you for your enthusiasm, commitment and love for the oils that you share with us."
— Anais Crouzoulon LAc

"Thank you for sharing your wisdom and creating a system of using essential oils that fits into the TCM scope and practice seamlessly."
— Emily Andrews LAc

"Peter Holmes brings us new and original ways to integrate the use of essential oils into our medical practice. He is to be commended for this and his unique and original contribution to Chinese medicine and health-care in general. Truly one of our greatest scholars in this field, I urge anyone to avail themselves of taking his seminars. You will gain valuable, practical and useful knowledge and skills that will greatly enhance your practice."
— Kevin Alen LAc, Ph.

Peter’s workshops are by far the most interesting and valuable continuing education I have taken to date. The information is fascinating and practical, and I have been able to immediately apply the knowledge I have gained, much to the delight of myself and my patients.
— Gina Haber, L.Ac., DNBAO

What has stayed with me all these years was a comment of J.R. Worsley that the goal of the acupuncturist was not to use needles. This message has reverberated inside me and has guided me to seek out non-invasive healing modalities; the essential oils are a welcome addition to my repertoire.
— Ana Easter, L.Ac.